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RankMakers Newsletter shares actionable SEO tips and ideas + SaaS stories from Indie Maker friends in one simple-to-digest weekly email.

Our audience is mainly made up of Indie Makers, Developers, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners.

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I also share the web version of my newsletter with my Twitter audience of over 8.5k followers.

Sponsorship options:

Product Shoutout

Text Ad with DoFollow Backlink 🚀

Your text ad will be featured in the Shoutouts section, right after the showcased product of the week, which is one of the prime locations of our newsletter.

The link in your ad will be Do-Follow, so you will also get some SEO love 😍


SaaS Showcase

Promoted SaaS Showcase with DoFollow Backlink 🚀

I'll promote your SaaS or digital product in the Weekly SaaS Showcase section below the main SEO article.

It includes an intro written by me, a small description of your product written by you, and a screenshot of your website.

The link will be on the domain name and screenshot.

The link will be Do-Follow, so you will also get some SEO love 😍

Click here to see past issues of my newsletter.

Once purchased, I will reach out to get the information needed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via Twitter DM.

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RankMakers Newsletter Sponsorships

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